Ozo Hotel , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s capital city, Colombo, is currently in the midst of rapid development with cranes and scaffolding filling the skyline. One of the newest high-rises to join the scene, which is changing the way tourists and business personnel think about Sri Lankan hospitality, is OZO Colombo.

“We’re the new kid on the block, but we’re bringing years of experience to Colombo,” said Damian Ball, OZO’s Regional General Manager. “We’re redefining the experience hotel guests have, as well as defining the scene for the local community.”

OZO’s strength derives from its focus on what is important to clients and excelling at the basics. “When you look at what travelers want, it’s simple,” explains Mr. Ball, “travelers want a comfortable place to eat and sleep at. We have created that with OZO.”

The ambience of OZO is that of a modern home with breathtaking views of the city from every window. Great emphasis is placed on creating a superb sleep experience for each guest. Therefore, OZO has used double-glazed windows to create a soundproof barrier from the hustle and bustle of Marine Drive. Hotel beds were selected very carefully choosing the highest quality mattresses to ensure a great night’s sleep. “We’ve taken the idea of sleep as so far as to create a TV channel to help our guests fall asleep,” mentioned Mr. Ball, “there’s the old saying that you should count sheep to fall asleep. We’ve created a channel that literally visualizes that, to help relax the mind.”

OZO’s unique and well-thought-out idea of the guest experience doesn’t stop at the rooms. “We want people to think and experience Sri Lanka,” explained Himali Wijesekara, OZO’s Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager. “The mural at the entrance shows glimpses into Colombo and the beauty of the city. A lot of times when travelers come, they don’t know what the country and city have to offer. We’ve created itineraries that include activities and sightseeing for every type of traveler, no matter how much time they can spare to experience the city. We want our guests to have the best possible experience while they’re in Sri Lanka and we want to be a part of that experience. This can be assured through OZO’s electronic concierge and electronic lectern stations within the lobby that can provide guests with a wide range of information during their stay”.

As a globally established brand with a new concept, OZO brings a different experience to Sri Lanka. Our team members are meticulously trained on international standards. “Sri Lanka has seen a rapid development when it comes to hospitality,” stated Mr. Ball. “In addition, we also have plans to promote this wonderful island as a tourist destination with the support of our global agents around the world. It’s not only a leisure destination, but also contains some ancient heritage sites and ruins with over two thousand years of history. Old temples, kingdoms and unbelievable natural land form rocks are the ideal destinations for many exciting day trips”.

The international standard of service and ambience of ON14, OZO’s premier rooftop bar and lounge, has reshaped Colombo’s nightlife. Open until late in the morning, ON14 is one of the best places to watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean. Guests can catch up with friends over a few bites and drinks from ON14’s extensive menu. Lounge music plays for guests during the early evening and then transitions into live music later on. “It’s an experience,” said Mr. Ball, “we wanted to show Colombo a different experience in hospitality and nightlife.”

OZO Colombo’s success has propelled high anticipation for the group’s future openings happening next year in Kandy, followed by one in Galle the year after. Although OZO started with a simple idea of enabling guests to get the best possible night’s sleep, the hotel has quickly made an impact on the local and international community.



Contact details: 
Ozo Colombo
36-38 Clifford Place – Marine Drive
Colombo 4
Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 11 2 555570


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