Casa Colombo

This elegant hotel features three restaurants and 12 designer suites, all housed in a beautiful 200-year-old Moorish mansion. Authenticity, style, eye for details and personal touch are the main pillars where the concept is build on.

Casa Colombo is owned and founded by Lalin Michael Jinasena, a prominent designer and pioneer in Sri Lanka’s hospitality sector. Lalin designed every aspect of this boutique hotel himself: Starting from stretch in 2006, he designed and transformed the Moorish mansion into a World-class piece of Art on its own. A new dimension of art for Sri Lanka’s capital is born.


Built by one of the wealthiest Indian trading families at the time, the 200-year-old mansion is one of the few remaining treasures of its era. It is adorned with acres of Italian and Indian mosaic floors, carved arches, moulded ceilings and Moorish styled balconies. A significant part of creating this boutique hotel in Colombo involved restoring the building back to its former grandeur. The name of this neonate: Casa Colombo.

A distinctive Art Deco ambiance is found throughout the entire building. Every piece of furniture, décor, fabric and lighting has been custom designed by its owner. The furniture consists of locally sourced raw material and has been conceptualized by Lalin, who merged Sri Lankan charisma with sleek lines of modernity. Blending in these modern touches within the romantic historical building creates a style on its own.

Lalin says, “I try to remain uninfluenced by other artists’ work and hence tend not to read too much about them or to study their styles. The idea is to be free of inadvertent influences when creating designs, which I want to derive from within.” Lalin’s designs for Casa Colombo have been praised by ‘Architectural Digest’, ‘Harpers Bazaar’, ‘InStyle’ and ‘Wallpaper’.

Casa Colombo is ideally located in Colombo’s business district, hidden in a quiet private street. A place of green in the heart of Colombo with a lovely courtyard and another leafy pool and terrace at the back of the mansion. Original details and accessories throughout the entire hotel will overload the senses. A retro design is combined with elegance and romantic touches.

The boutique hotel is on the Condé-Nast “hot hotel” list and is named the leading business hotel in Sri Lanka at the World Travel Awards in 2013. Casa Colombo has also won the Asia Pacific Hotel Award for “Best Interior Design” and the “2012 Best Design Boutique Hotel in the World”.

Casa Colombo’s suites are all uniquely designed with its own layout, style, colour and character. The spacious suites range from 500 square feet to 1,000 square feet and are equipped with flat-screen TV, a sophisticated sound system, an Ipod for watching films, free WiFi connections, fine bedding, toiletries and corporate suites include a workstation. Every suite comes with a private domo (butler); witch creates a homie feeling and makes Casa Colombo truly Your Casa.


Contact details: 
231 Galle Rd
Colombo 00400
Sri Lanka
Tel : (94) 11 4520130


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