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Our Story

We got bored of standard way of research for the traveling destinations, whenever you type in your search bar, the country or city name, you will get top 5 hotels featured in the results. Those top 5 hotel, although probably very nice and luxurious, are not the only or the best choice you can make.

The same goes with reviews, we do not like unfair algorithms of the review websites, so all of those charming hotels and resorts that are recently open, will need too much time to be featured in the top of the list, collecting reviews and competing.

So every time we decide to travel, we are making very detailed research to find the most exciting and the most charming places this planet has to offer. Constantly those places leave us breathless and with lifetime memories, so we have decided to give something back to them. To give them additional channel to reach out to customers, and to give you a chance to read about them and get inspired to visit.

We dare you to feel alive!